Word Exorcism

Making the voices shut up one character at a time.

14 April
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Other hobbies include (because LJ is a butt and has a 4 word limit...what is that?!): making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches most of the time without the jelly, perfecting the exact rocket science of bottle to formula ratios, and hanging onto my sanity by a thread.

I really hate talking about myself, so I will do the best I can here.

I like peanut butter. I'm 26 and have two kids, whom I lovingly refer to as my Sun Prince and Moon Princess. I'm married to a wonderful man who puts up with my crab-assery with patience and grace that I do not deserve. We have two cats, Ink and Pandora. We're a military family and have moved more times than I can count in the last few years.

My favorite things to write about, and coincidentally the hardest for me to write about, are the dead and the redemption of the damned. I like to believe that even the worst sorts of people have an honorable reason for doing the horrible things that they have done in their lives.

It is my goal to warp the minds of my readers to get them to worship me as Empress of the Universe. Whether or not I succeed in that has yet to be seen.

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